DJ & Producer Ap Stooker

The Mystical Blur.


There is a mystical blur hanging around Dutch DJ and Producer Ap Stooker. In 2007 he started on several internet radio stations with playing Trance live under a Alt. His own style by extending and looping at the right moment to create a uplifting atmosphere soon became his trademark. Later that year he went from Trance to Funky House after he heard DJ Mario Fargetta aka Get Far. The way he played with Trance he also implemented that in the Funky House sets he played. At that time HedKandi was really poppulair on internet radio stations as were the Hedkandi parties. Ap Stooker (under his alt) gained lots of followers and listeners because of his own style. He became friends with several other DJs that also played Electro House and from there he mixed his Funky House sets with Electro House in two hour sets live. It was a new thing at that time especially because his own mixing style with extending and looping the tracks. During his sets later on, he asked for requests of listners and was mixing these request in live on demand in the last 45 minutes of his sets. Not long after that he fall in love with Progressive House and his sets had a variaty of Funky, Electro and Progressive House Music. After having done that for some time, Ap Stooker started to create his own mashups and bootlegs under his alt and decided not to play a track more than twice, or in a other version that he created him self.

Around 2012 Ap Stooker started to DJ under his own given name and started the branding (Apsolutely Dance Show) Also he started his own internet based radio station because his way of thinking was different with regards to programming DJs and scheduling them. The station was called EDM JAM Radio. This station started as a platform for DJs and producers that could showcase their styles and music. Attracting bigger names to the station and growing fast he asked Mary Hall for help. Mary Hall brought Ap Stooker to Philadelphia, USA to be spinning on the Big Liberty Festival. They also did a live stream on the radio station EDM JAM Radio from there and broadcasted live the complete event including interviews during the broadcast. Later they broadcasted live shows from Amsterdam, The Hague, New York and Philadelphia.

Beginning 2015 Ap Stooker started to produce his own music in several styles and genres in the Electronic Dance Music Scene. He released all his music under his own label AS Recordings. ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) 2015 EDM JAM Radio broadcasted live from club Luminaa in Amsterdam together with Consistent Records.

Ap Stooker recognized talent and wanted to help them out by signing people under his label AS Recordings. Due to certain cicumstances he decided to hold of a little bit with regards to AS Recordings and focust more on the radio station because it was all about to change.

In 2016 Ap Stooker and Mary Hall decided to take a big risk with changing the poppulair name of the radio station from EDM JAM Radio to EJR Radio. For a lot of people this was a shocker, in a good way ofcoarse. Because of the name change, they were able to attract new talent and bigger names of the industry to their roster of DJs. More cooperations started and the mind was set to do it bigger and better during ADE 2016. Broadcasting two live events together with Fader Events and Connected Bookings in La Grotte and with Comfort Sessions, Edit Festival, Krafted Recordings, Connected Bookings and Objectiv Records in Cafe Schuim EJR Radio made their mark. Because of that, Ap Stooker started to embrace his role as Founder and CEO of EJR Radio. With his other own companie AS Media Ap Stooker is going to take the next step in live video broadcasting.

Ap Stooker will still DJ and also produce music under his own name and several alts. You can hear him spin live every Saturday at 6pm EST on

For booking and info you can contact him or his management on


Morning Dew (Original Mix)
  1. 1A Fathers Love - Ap Stooker (Original Mix)
  2. 2A Fathers Love - Sonny Chevalier (Tropical House Remix)
  1. 1The Mayan - Ap Stooker and Sonny Chevalier (Original Mix)
    The Mayan by Ap Stooker is a great Deep House track with a ancient feeling. Released in May 2016, this summer track made its way to the Ibiza Closing Parties CD by LW Recordings in September 2016.
Spartacus - Ap Stooker and Sonny Chevalier (Original Mix) Myths and Legends The Beginning - Ap Stooker and Sonny Chevalier (Original Mix)


ADE 2016


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